CCTV System for a Residential property in Maldon, Essex

Date: 29th April 2023
CCTV System for a Residential property in Maldon, Essex A H

CCTV System for a Residential property in Maldon, Essex

A Home owner at a Residential property called us about a CCTV System for their Home in Maldon, Essex

The current CCTV system had a few issues with cameras not showing images, having a bad image and having no power on cameras.

After contacting their existing CCTV maintenance company the problems just wasn’t being resolved, or no long lasting fix was being done. Not to mention waiting long lengths of time to receive an engineer visit.

After we attended site and quickly identified the systems issues, We resolved the problems with minimal cost and time spent on site. We replaced the faulty parts and carried out a full system service.

The home owner was extremely happy to have a working CCTV system back up and running with it costing a lot less than expected. As this customer had used us before for other systems and on other sites they already had the trust we would deliver without fail

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